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What’s in the box?


Portable Sports Bag.

Jogging down to the park to exercise? Chuck your Fitbox equipment in this cool portable backpack and away you go. Which technically now makes it a Fitbag(see what we did there?).


Exercise Mat.

Stretch on it, strengthen on it, roll on it, heck, sleep on it if you like. The mat is durable but light, tough but soft. It’s highly portable so truly reflects the ‘anytime, anywhere’ mantra of the Ultimate Fitbox. 


Speed Ladder.

The ladder is a staple of any pro athlete training regime. There’s none better for developing speed, agility, lateral movement and balance. What’s that? You’re not a pro athlete?…..Yet. It’s all good, turns out it’s a great piece of equipment for all levels. Yes it improves the aforementioned fitness components, but bottom line is you can use it effectively to move in all directions, improve joint stability and muscle conditioning, and burn heaps of calories. Hang on, did we just use the word ‘aforementioned’?


Fit Ball.

So let’s take a simple action, like sitting down, and make it really unstable and difficult to maintain your position. Sounds annoying? Sure. But is it good for you? Absolutely. With less stability, your body recruits more muscles into action and fires up neural pathways to say “not today fit ball, you’re not defeating me today”. In short, you get stronger, your body becomes more conditioned. You win. So carrying out a range of functional strength exercises on a fit ball brings great gains.


Pilates Ring.

Also known as the magic circle. Sounds cool huh? No pilates instructor leaves home without one of these; a magic circle you add to your workout to heighten your kinect awareness during exercise. Say what now!? Basically, it allows for better muscle control and better activation of key muscles as you workout.


Core Rollout Wheel.

Ok we’re not going to lie, this one is tough. Grab the handles and roll out and feel the burn through your abs and core. The good part about this wheel is that it is highly functional, meaning lots of muscles are working together and strengthening through your whole body, not just your abs. Muscles aren’t designed to work in isolation, so that makes this, well, a great exercise tool!


Skipping Rope.

Kids use them. Rocky Balboa uses them. Some things never change, and the benefits of skipping is one of them. Mix up quick feet for speed or longer drills for endurance, or throw in some skipping between other sets to maximise your calorie burn. You know what, just grab the rope, we’ll show you what to do in our workout plans.


Rotating Push-Up Handles

Most trainers say there’s no better exercise than the good ol’ push up. It’s high resistance, it’s functional, and they’re fun. Right?! The added benefit here is the rotating handles, which allow your arms and wrists to adjust through the movement, making it better on your joints and a more effective workout. Now get down and give us 20!


Resistance Band with Handles.

These bands may look harmless but they deliver an awesome burn to build strength and muscle tone. How? We’re glad you asked… You see muscles respond to resistance. When worked under tension, against resistance, they call in reinforcements to overcome the challenge. We call this muscle fiberrecruitment, you know it as ‘sculpting the guns’. The free movement of the bands maximises muscle fibre recruitment as you stabilize, considered by Sport Scientists to offer increased benefits over single dimension resistance machines you find in the gym.


Fitness Cones.

No fitness kit is complete without these bad boys. We’ll show you how to set these out and complete kick-ass speed, agility, or endurance workouts to burn heaps of calories and improve your running and conditioning.


Foam Roller.

The foam roller works like a kitchen rolling pin, but instead of kneading dough you’re kneading the fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds your muscles. How does that sound! Why?… Well with age, inactivity or overuse, this tissue, known as fascia, can become tight and even bind to muscles and nerves causing pain with movement. Ouch! But that’s ok, a bit of rolling and a bit stretching helps to mobilise the fascia and will keep you moving freely and pain free.


Water Bottle.

Fill it with water or…no that’s pretty much it. It’s just a water bottle, but a good one. You’ll figure it out.

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